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WalkFit Orthotics (Insoles)

Balance, Stability and Comfort!

WalkFit orthotic insoles by Phase 4 orthotics help to reduce pain in feet, knees, hips and back. Each pair of WalkFit insoles come with 3 customizable arch inserts, sandal adaptor, peppermint lotion and a FREE 10-day supply of Joint Support Formula. WalkFit orthotics are perfect for installing in all of your shoes, or great as a gift to a friend or family member. They're available in men's sizes 6-14 and women's sizes 5-12.

These arch supports (orthotics) are shoe insoles that realign your bones, joints, tendons and muscles into a more anatomically correct and biomechanically functional position.  Helps alleviate heel pain, plantar fasciitis ("heel spurs"), neuromas, arthritis, flat feet, tendonitis, general foot fatigue, knee pain and lower back pain caused by misalignment of the foot.  Compare the inexpensive WalkFit orthotics to pre-molded models being sold by national chain stores for over $200.  WalkFit orthotics have adjustable forefoot arch heights, which are not available on the original Phase 4 orthotics model.

Customizable Inserts

WalkFit orthotics come with three inserts: LOW, MED, and HIGH. The height of the inserts are written on the back of each. The LOW inserts are already inserted for you. To switch to another pair of inserts, simply bend back the top of your orthotics and lift out the inserts. Place the new inserts in position and press down all over to ensure that they are securely in place. Try out each level of inserts to see which one feels most comfortable.  Once your feet have adjusted to the WalkFit arch supports, you'll experience a noticeable increase in foot support and comfort.*

The WalkFit Orthotics "Love It Or Return It" Guarantee

If, within 30 days of receiving WalkFit orthotics, you are not thrilled with your results, simply return them for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing).  Since Walkfit orthotic insoles are "Guaranteed" to relieve your pain, you can try them risk free for 30 days and if you're not completely happy, simply return them for a refund!  You have nothing to loose but your aches and pains.*

Lifetime Replacement Warranty Included*

Your Walkfit Online Order Includes*

  3 Customizable Arch Inserts
  Free Sandal Adapter
  Free Peppermint Lotion
  Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  30 Day Money Back "Love It or Return It" Guarantee

*Walk Fit, LLC free bonus items, policies and prices may change or be discontinued without notice.  Please refer to the ordering page for current promotional terms.

Order WalkFit Orthotics

For more information, to watch the WalkFit video, and To Order Now and go directly to our secure online order form, click these links.

Internet Special - Only $19.95
Save 50%

30 day guarantee

Note:  We suggest placing an order using the website secure online order form.  The free bonus item(s) and guarantee may only be available with online orders and not telephone orders.

WalkFit Orthotic Size Chart


Woman Shoe Sizes

  Men Shoe Sizes

Size A 5 thru 5 1/2  
Size B 6 thru 6 1/2  
Size C 7 thru 7 1/2     6  thru 6 1/2
Size D 8 thru 8 1/2    7  thru 7 1/2
Size E 9 thru 9 1/2 8  thru 8 1/2
Size F 10 thru 10 1/2 9  thru 9 1/2
Size G 11 thru 11 1/2 10 thru 10 1/2
Size H 12 thru 12 1/2 11 thru 11 1/2
Size I   12 thru 12 1/2
Size J   13 thru 13 1/2
Size K   14 thru 14 1/2

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The Strassburg Sock Night Splint

The Strassburg Sock treats plantar fasciitis heel pain at night while you sleep in comfort.  Plantar fasciitis is also commonly called "heel spur syndrome" or "heel spurs".  This style of night splint is much more comfortable to wear while sleeping than traditional hard plastic back (or front) style night splints.  Plus, the Strassburg Sock night splint is much less expensive than most other styles of night splints.

Orthogel Pain Relief Gel with Ilex

Compare to BioFreeze.  Orthogel is a topical pain killing gel that provides long-lasting relief from a range of ailments, including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, back pain, strained muscles, painful joints, sprains and sports-related injuries.  Orthogel starts to work in minutes and provides deep penetrating pain relief for hours.

* Savings based on Walkfit suggested retail price of $39.95.  This item may not actually have sold for this price.



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