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Welcome to Our Online Store of Foot Care Products

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Footcare and Healthcare Products

Toenail Fungus & Athlete's Foot

    Tineacide Antifungal Cream

"Guaranteed to Succeed"  - 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the results.

Treats Fungus in Toenails (Onychomycosis), Fingernails and Skin ("athlete's foot" / Tinea Pedis).  The "original" formula.

    Tineacide "Physician Formula" Antifungal Cream

Stronger and more effective than the "original" Tineacide.  New for 2006.

"Guaranteed to Succeed"  - 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the results.

Treats Fungus in Toenails (Onychomycosis), Fingernails and Skin ("athlete's foot" / Tinea Pedis).

    Tripod Nailstat Antifungal Cream

Treats Fungus in Toenails and Fingernails.  Also softens dry, hard, brittle, cracked nails.

Foot Odor

    Shumigator Shoe Odor Eliminator Spray

100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the results.
Stops and prevents shoe and foot odor.  Also helps kill and prevent the fungus that causes athlete's foot and nail fungus.

Plantar Fasciitis / Heel and Arch Pain  (read about heel pain treatments)

    Night Splints

Doctor recommended treatment for plantar fasciitis heel pain ("heel spurs").  We offer models from Royce, Darco, A-Force and Strassburg Sock.

    Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint - The Strassburg Sock

The Strassburg Sock provides comfortable treatment for plantar fasciitis ("heel spurs") while you sleep.  This easy to use type of device stretches your plantar fascia while you sleep, which helps to prevent the painful first steps people can experience when they get out of bed in the morning.  This sock design is much better tolerated and more comfortable to sleep in than traditional hard-back style plastic splints.  Patented, low cost, FDA approved and recommended by Podiatrists.

    SuperFeet Orthotics / Arch Supports
Our most popular arch supports for all-around foot comfort.  Also great for people with heel pain.
    OrthoFeet Orthotics / Arch Supports

Our best arch support for people with heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

    PowerStep Orthotics / Arch Supports, Metatarsal Pads and Arch Boosters

Comfortable arch supports with the benefit of being able to add arch booster pads for additional support.

    WalkFit Orthotics - "As Seen On TV"

Pre-molded arch supports (orthotics) which effectively realign your bones, joints, tendons and muscles into a more anatomically correct and biomechanically functional position.  Helps alleviate heel pain, plantar fasciitis ("heel spurs"), neuromas, arthritis, flat feet, tendonitis, general foot fatigue, knee pain and lower back pain caused by misalignment of the foot.  Compare these inexpensive orthotics to pre-molded models being sold by national chain stores for over $200.  WalkFit orthotics have adjustable forefoot arch heights, which are not available on the old "Phase 4" orthotics.  If you still need more biomechanical control for your foot problems, you may need to consider custom-made prescription orthotics, which are made by Podiatrists from foot molds of your feet.  To find out more about the "WalkFit" orthotics, click the box ad in the left column.  30 day money back "Love it or return it guarantee".

    Prescription Orthotics - not yet available online

Prescription orthotics are custom-made by Podiatrists for your feet from casts (molds) of your feet positioned into correct anatomical alignment.  They provide precise biomechanical control of the musculoskeletal structures of your feet and ankles.  Realigning your feet into a more anatomically functional position also helps to properly realign your legs, knees, hips, spine and neck.  Prescription orthotics may help alleviate heel pain, plantar fasciitis ("heel spurs"), neuromas, arthritis, tendonitis, general foot fatigue, flat feet, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain and neck pain.  Some health insurance plans will cover the cost of prescription orthotics.  Check with your Podiatrist or insurance plan to see if they are covered by your health care plan.  In the Fox Valley area, prescription orthotics are covered by most Network Health plans and some other insurance plans.

Shower Covers for Casts and Bandages

    Seal-Tight Waterproof Cast Cover and Shower Bag

Cast shower bag models fit foot, leg or arm.  Helps keep cast or bandages dry.

    Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover and Shower Bag

Cast shower bag models fit foot, leg or arm.  Helps keep cast or bandages dry.  Allows for swimming!

More Foot Care Products

    Foot Pads and Cushions

Pads and cushions for hammertoes, corns, calluses, bunions, toe spreader pads, gel, felt, moleskin, heel cushions and silicone gel insoles.

    Silipos Gel Pads and Cushions

Silipos brand pads and cushions for hammertoes, corns, calluses, bunions, diabetic gel socks, toe spreader pads, gel, felt, heel cushions and silicone gel insoles.

    More Foot Care Supplies

Visit this page to see a list of the different foot care product categories we offer.
We offer a wide variety of other foot care products.
These include manufacturers like Health Designs, Juzo, OrthoFeet, PowerStep, Royce Medical, Silipos, SuperFeet, Tripod Labs, Amerigel and Dry Pro.
We also offer foot care products like the Dry Pro Waterproof Cast Cover (shower bag), Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints, BioFreeze Pain Relief Gel, Tripod Labs Wart Remover, Tripod Labs Athlete's Foot Antifungal, Cam Walker Fracture Boots, Amerigel Wound Ointment Dressing, Pressure Off-Loading Ulcer Shoes, Back Supports, Bandages, Dressings, Tape, Foot Books, Creams, Lotions, Elbow Supports, Foot Care Aids, Foot Funnel, Knee Supports and Braces, Magnetic Therapy, Pedicure kits, Arch Supports, Orthotics, Heel Cushions, Silicone Bunion Pads, Felt Corn Pads, Ankle Braces and Leg Support/Compression Stockings.

Pain Relief

    Orthogel Pain Relief Gel with Ilex

Compare to BioFreeze.  Orthogel is a topical pain killing gel that provides long-lasting relief from a range of ailments, including heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, back pain, strained muscles, painful joints, sprains and sports-related injuries.  Orthogel starts to work in minutes and provides deep penetrating pain relief for hours.

    Light Relief Infrared Therapy - "As Seen On TV"

Light Relief ™ infrared therapy works by emitting energy in the infrared spectrum to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, relieves stiffness, relaxes muscle tissue and temporarily increases local blood circulation.  You can read my review of the Light Relief therapy unit.  "Guaranteed to Relieve Your Pain" or your money back!

Alcohol Breathalyzer

    Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer

Small, pocket sized digital device measures your blood alcohol level by simply blowing air through the unit.  This inexpensive unit may help prevent a DUI / DWI or save the life of a friend or family member.  This is a great gift item.  Be ready for summer parties with this popular and fun item.

Air Purifier

    Ionic Pro Air Purifier - "As Seen On TV"

The Ionic Pro™ ionic air purifier silently traps irritants and allergens on three collection blades and then releases purified air back into the room. Safe and easy to use, Ionic Pro™ will give your family the clean air they need to stay healthy.  The Ionic Pro™ ionic air purifier circulates air without the use of loud and disruptive motors or fans, and has no costly filters to replace.  The Ionic Pro traps airborne allergens like pollen, smoke, dust and pet dander.  It traps particles as small as 1 micron.  It's energy efficient and inexpensive to operate.  I've been using this type of air purifier in my house for over a year and love it.  You'll be amazed how much airborne debris this device can filter out of your home's air.  One of the best aspects is that it operates silently, unlike noisy fan powered air filters.  To find out more information and see a demonstration of this product, click the banner ad at the bottom of the page.



We offer thousands of different shoes for sale online through our partner OnlineShoes.com.  Free shipping & exchanges, 110% price guarantee and 90-Day Unconditional Returns on shoes.  Save time and money by purchasing your shoes online.  Click the banner below to go directly to OnlineShoes.com.



Computer Software

    Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Web Premium

We sell the full windows PC version of Adobe Creative Suite CS3 Web Premium software at a huge discount.  Retail price is $1599, but we have it on sale for only $999.95!


** 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all products from DrNelsonClinic.com**

Order our products risk free!  Easy, hassle-free returns!
30 Day Guarantee - You can easily return new items for a refund!

**Return and guarantee policies vary depending on item and company purchased from.  Read our store policies from complete details.  Refund less S&H.

Shop with DrNelsonClinic.com / Arrowhead International, LLC
·  30 Day Money Back Guarantee for most products.  7 Day Money Back Guarantee for unopened computer software.
·  USA based company.
·  Secure, encrypted USA based online order form.  We believe this is much safer than giving your credit card information to an unknown person over the phone, especially if that person is taking orders from outside the USA.
·  No "Restocking Fees" on returned items.
·  Easy, hassle-free returns.  No RMA (return merchandise authorization) needed.
·  Buy with confidence.  Unlike many online businesses of unknown origin, we're verified by the Better Business Bureau, PayPal and Square Trade.
·  International Orders.  Accepted for most products.

Contact Us & Store Policies

For our company contact information and to read our store policies regarding orders, payments, shipping, merchandise returns, "Satisfaction Guarantee," restocking fee and privacy policy, please visit our Store Policies page. 

If you have questions, contact us at our email address:  service5 @ drnelsonclinic.com

**Unlike some companies, we don't charge restocking fees for new returned merchandise**

Phone Orders:  Sorry, but we do not accept telephone orders.  (This service may be added in the future.)

Live outside the USA?...Yes, we do ship international orders!

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