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Light Relief Therapy Review

Basic Information About Light Relief Infrared Therapy

Light Relief infrared light therapy works by emitting energy in the infrared spectrum to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, relieves stiffness, relaxes muscle tissue and temporarily increases local blood circulation.  Infrared light acts on hemoglobin in blood to cause the release nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide causes the dilation of blood vessels to increase circulation and the delivery of oxygen to tissue.  This increased circulation and oxygen can help heal damaged tissue.  Nitric oxide also acts on nerves to decrease or eliminate pain.  Additionally, infrared therapy has also be shown in medical studies to reverse peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage causing pain or numbness) which can occur in diabetics.

My Experience with Infrared Therapy Equipment

Dr. Nelson's comments:  I have used infrared light therapy units from a couple of different manufacturers on myself and have found that they dramatically decreased or eliminated both pain and stiffness in my joints, tendons and muscles.  It's a great alternative to pain and anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), which can have undesirable side effects (such as stomach ulceration, kidney damage, heart damage, swelling of the legs and more).  Infrared light therapy is currently used by the United States military and professional sports team athletes to help their pain, stiffness, arthritis and to increase local blood circulation.  Infrared light therapy is an amazing technology.  I expect the public will start seeing a lot more publicity on infrared light therapy in the future.

My Experience with Light Relief Infrared Therapy

I did a quick search to see if I could find reviews on the Light Relief unit online, but didn't see anything significant.  I assume that there will be more in the future as this device is used by more consumers.  I received my Light Relief unit in mid-May 2005 and thought I'd write down a few of my impressions about the unit.

Dr Nelson's Light Relief Review:  I ordered a Light Relief unit through the online order form (didn't talk to sales operator) through this web site page link without "RUSH" shipping and it arrived in 10 days, which was much faster shipping than expected.  My unit also came with the AC adapter at no additional charge, even though I didn't order it as an option.  My unit also came with a 5 year warranty at no additional charge, instead of the 2 year warranty.  The infrared pad on the unit is removable from the main unit and connects via a cord, so you can place the flat pad under, around or against body areas very easily.  There are low, medium and high settings for the infrared therapy.  There is also an on/off setting for heat.  The unit automatically shuts off after 15 minutes as a safety feature.  This is useful in case someone falls asleep while using the Light Relief .  I don't know if every Light Relief online order includes the same free AC adapter and 5 year warranty , but I would guess so.  I've been told that people ordering by phone are told by the operator that they have to pay the extra charge for the AC adapter.  I've been using the unit for tendonitis in my hand and also neck and back muscle aches.  I'm happy to report that it does work great for me.  It's been a "lifesaver" when I get bad back and neck muscle pains.  It seems to take about 15-30 minutes of use before I feel the maximum benefit.  Interesting side note:  When the unit is on, it may look like some of the LEDs are not on, but if you look at the infrared LED lights through a digital camera screen, the camera will show you that the infrared lights are working.

Infrared Light Therapy - More Information

Want to read more about infrared light therapy?  The Anodyne therapy website has a list of research articles relating to their infrared light therapy device.  They also have a list of media articles on Anodyne infrared photo therapy.

If you want to find out more about ordering the Light Relief Therapy unit, click here.


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