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Light Relief

Light Relief Infrared Therapy

Light Relief Infrared Therapy

Light Relief infrared light therapy works by emitting energy in the infrared spectrum to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, relieves stiffness, relaxes muscle tissue and temporarily increases local blood circulation.  Infrared light acts on hemoglobin in blood to cause the release of nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide causes the dilation of blood vessels to increase circulation and the delivery of oxygen to tissue.  This effect is enhanced by warmth generated by the unit.  This increased circulation and oxygen can help heal damaged tissue.  Nitric oxide also acts on nerves to decrease or eliminate pain.  Additionally, infrared therapy has also be shown in medical studies to reverse peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage causing pain or numbness) which can occur in diabetics.

Imagine eliminating your pain without medications.
Infrared therapy may be the answer you're looking for.

FDA cleared!

"Guaranteed to Relieve Your Pain"

         30 Day Guarantee to relieve your pain or your money back (less S&H).*


"2 Year Warranty"*


Your Light Relief Therapy Online Order Includes*

  Light Relief Portable Battery Operated Unit
  Adjustable Hands Free Strap
  Light Relief Product Guide
  Light Relief Body Band
  Travel Bag
  2 Year Warranty
  30 Day "Guarantee to Relieve Your Pain"


Online Discount - Order a second Light Relief unit and save 50%.*


Ordering Information

Professional "medical grade" infrared light therapy units can cost $1,000 to $2,700.  But, Light Relief infrared light therapy units can be ordered online for only $79.90 or $39.95, depending upon quantity ordered. 

Light Relief is "Guaranteed to Relieve Your Pain," so you can try it risk free for 30 days and if you're not totally satisfied, simply return it for a refund!* You have nothing to loose but your aches, pains and stiffness.

Note:  We suggest placing an order using the website secure online order form.  The free accessory bonus items may only be available with online orders and not telephone orders.

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30 day guarantee

Light Relief Options Available*

  AC Adapter
 Elite Model


*Light Relief, LLC accessories, policies and prices may change or be discontinued without notice.  Please refer to the ordering web page for current promotional terms.

Dr Nelson's Light Relief Review:  I ordered a Light Relief unit through the online order form (didn't talk to sales operator) through this web site page link without "RUSH" shipping and it arrived in 10 days, which was much faster shipping than expected.  My unit also came with the AC adapter at no additional charge, even though I didn't order it as an option.  My unit also came with a 5 year warranty at no additional charge, instead of the 2 year warranty.  The infrared pad on the unit is removable from the main unit and connects via a cord, so you can place the flat pad under, around or against body areas very easily.  There are low, medium and high settings for the infrared therapy.  There is also an on/off setting for heat.  The unit automatically shuts off after 15 minutes as a safety feature.  This is useful in case someone falls asleep while using the Light Relief .  I don't know if every Light Relief online order includes the same free AC adapter and 5 year warranty that I received, but I assume so.  I've been told that if people order by phone they are told by the operator that they have to pay the extra charge for the AC adapter.  I've been using the unit for tendonitis in my hand and also neck and back muscle aches.  I'm happy to report that it does work great for me.  It's been a "lifesaver" when I get bad back and neck muscle pains.  It seems to take about 15-30 minutes of use before I feel the maximum benefit.  Interesting side note:  When the unit is on, it may look like some of the LEDs are not on, but if you look at the infrared LED lights through a digital camera screen, the camera will show you that the infrared lights are working.

Infrared Light Therapy - More Information

Dr. Nelson's comments:  I have used infrared light therapy units from a couple of different manufacturers on myself and have found that they dramatically decreased or eliminated both pain and stiffness in my joints, tendons and muscles.  It's a great alternative to pain and anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), which can have undesirable side effects (such as stomach ulceration, kidney damage, heart damage, swelling of the legs and more).  Infrared light therapy is currently used by the United States military and professional sports team athletes to help their pain, stiffness, arthritis and to increase local blood circulation.  Infrared light therapy is an amazing technology.  I expect the public will start seeing a lot more publicity on infrared light therapy in the future.

*Light Relief LLC is not affiliated with the Anodyne company.

Which Orthotic / Arch Support Should I Use?

Dr Nelson's comments: 
The best fitting and functioning type of arch support is a custom made prescription orthotic, which can be made by your podiatrist.  Generally, for most people, I recommend trying a pre-made arch support before progressing to an expensive pair of custom made orthotics.  Finding a comfortable and effective pre-made arch support can be difficult.  There are hundreds of varieties on the market and that can make it confusing for customers.  Due to the variations in people's foot shapes, foot problems and style variations in different products, there is no "one type fits all" arch support available.  That's why DrNelsonClinic offers different brands and models like OrthoFeet, SuperFeet, WalkFit and PowerStep to choose among.  Fortunately, for most people, I've found that the OrthoFeet BioSole gel self-molding orthotics work for almost everybody.  Among the hundreds of pre-made arch supports I've seen and used, the OrthoFeet BioSole models give the best support and pain relief for people with plantar fasciitis and heel pain.  It's by far my favorite model for people with heel pain, due in part to the higher arch and shock absorbing gel under the heel.  Be aware that the standard OrthoFeet BioSole "sport" model is rather thick through the arch and it fits into athletic, work boots and walking shoes, but may not fit into a shallow shoe, like a dress shoe.  If you want to use the OrthoFeet in a shallow shoe, like a dress shoe, then use the "thin-line" or "high heel dress" models.  The "sport" model may also be too high in the arch area for people with very flat feet.  For elderly or arthritic people and those that want extra cushioning and softness under the foot, while still getting extra support under the arch, try the OrthoFeet BioSole "soft" model.  If you don't need extra arch support or heel pain relief  and only want shock absorption and cushioning under the foot, try the OrthoFeet "ThermoFit" model.  After you start using the arch supports, remember to break them in gradually, because is will take some time for the orthotic and your feet to adjust to each other.  I personally use the OrthoFeet BioSole sport model in my athletic shoes and have found them to be as effective and comfortable as my expensive custom prescription orthotics.  But, it did take longer to "break-in" the OrthoFeet supports than my custom orthotics.  If you don't have plantar fasciitis or heel pain or if you have a flat foot and can't tolerate an arch support with a higher arch, but still want foot support to relieve foot fatigue and strain, you should also consider the popular SuperFeet Synergizer orthotics.  In general, I highly recommend OrthoFeet BioSole over any other brand of arch support.

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel with Ilex


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