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SuperFeet ® Arch Supports / Orthotics

Manufacturer's Product Information:

THE SUPERFEET ® DIFFERENCE - Comfort for the long run.

Insoles are like mattresses. A good mattress is made of firm, supportive materials. A bad mattress is soft and unsupportive. Same thing with insoles. When you stand on a Superfeet ® insole, you can feel the firmly supportive shape and materials. It's not soft and cushy like the other brands... because although soft, cushy non-supportive insoles feel good when you first put them in your shoes, in the long run they simply lead to more aches and pains.
(Would you be here if the cushy ones worked?)

With Superfeet ® insoles in your shoes, your feet are being consistently balanced and supported. Instead of your feet collapsing inward and stressing the surrounding muscles, joints and ligaments, Superfeet helps you move the way nature intended.

A few details that make Superfeet ® special:
The patented Stabilizer Capsule (the shaped component on the bottom) firmly but gently supports and positions your foot
The Deep Heel Cup and special Insole Shape help absorb shock
The special Holofiber fabric reduces heat and friction to help keep your feet comfortable all day long 

The Superfeet Difference


Performance Line
Speciality Athletic Shoes and Industrial Boots
Our Most Supportive
If your body pays the price at work or play, pay it back with Superfeet ® Performance Premium Insoles. Aptly named, this line is a juggernaut. Put them in your work boots and running shoes. Pack ‘em in your ski, snowboard and hiking boots. We even have a hockey line so you don’t have to fight the urge to cross check. If you need to perform, these instruments won’t break.

Active Line
All Purpose
Our Most Versatile
Versatility is the word for our Active line of premium insoles. They fit in most types of dress/casual and athletic shoes and all the happenings that go with them. The Active line is excellent in cleated footwear. If you're moving around, don't be fooled by the color. You'll feel nothing close to blue.

Dress Line
Work, Fashion, Casual & Golf.
Some of the least forgiving shoes are the ones we wear to work and formal occasions. Our Dress line was created to remedy that. Women shouldn’t fear high heels and men should feel comfortable in Italian leather. Our full length Dress also work miracles in golf shoes (on your feet, not your handicap). And black never goes out of style.

Low Cost Shipping:  Products on this page are shipped "flat rate" S&H in USA.  "Flat rate" means one price, no matter how much you order. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
(on unused merchandise)

SALE:  Most SuperFeet Insoles are on sale for a limited time for only $31.50

Superfeet DressFit for Men Dress Shoes

Superfeet DressFit for Women Flats & Casuals

Superfeet DressFit Inserts Women High Heels

Superfeet Synergizer Green - Perfect for hiking, running, walking, skiing, and work boots.

Superfeet Junior Synergizer Green - For hiking, running, skiing and work boots. Our most popular footbed

Superfeet Synergizer Grey - For cycling road shoes, all ice skates, and womens lower heeled footwear (under 1").

Superfeet Synergizer Blue - For casual and athletic shoes, recommended for soccer

Superfeet Junior Synergizer Blue - For casual and athletic shoes, recommended for soccer

Superfeet Synergizer Black - For mens' casual and golf shoes.

Superfeet Synergizer Orange - For men for walking, running, and standing for extended periods of time

Superfeet Wintergreen - For men for skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, and outdoor work

Superfeet Synergizer Berry - For women for walking, running, and standing for extended periods of time

Which Orthotic / Arch Support Should I Use?

Dr Nelson's comments: 
The best fitting and functioning type of arch support is a custom made prescription orthotic, which can be made by your podiatrist.  Generally, for most people, I recommend trying a pre-made arch support before progressing to an expensive pair of custom made orthotics.  Finding a comfortable and effective pre-made arch support can be difficult.  There are hundreds of varieties on the market and that can make it confusing for customers.  Due to the variations in people's foot shapes, foot problems and style variations in different products, there is no "one type fits all" arch support available.  That's why DrNelsonClinic offers different brands and models like OrthoFeet, SuperFeet, WalkFit and PowerStep to choose among.  Overall, SuperFeet Synergizer orthotics, have been our most popular arch supports.  SuperFeet orthotics has very loyal, repeat customers.  SuperFeet Synergizer orthotics have been highly recommended by sports and outdoor publications such as Backpacker


Frequently Asked Questions about SuperFeet ® Orthotics

Q. How long will the Superfeet insoles last with everyday wear?

A. For 80% of consumers, the insoles will last approximately 12 months depending on body weight, type of shoe and the environment they are used in (i.e. walking, running, work and sports). Because everyone is different, we can not indicate how many miles it will take to wear a pair out. We recommend replacing your insoles every 12 months or when you purchase new shoes.

Q. How do I clean the Superfeet insoles?

A. We suggest an old brush, mild soap and warm water. Let the insoles air dry.

Q. What can I do if the insoles increase my foot and shoe odor?

A. Clean the insoles on a regular basis (twice a week). Remove the insoles from the shoes every night to let the shoes and insoles air out. Do not wear the same pair of shoes, three days in a row. Try different brands of socks or nylons. Apply a teaspoon of baby powder under the insole in the shoe and one on top of the insole in the shoe. Apply some scented hand or body lotion to your feet. Try soaking your feet in warm water and Epsom salts for about 20 minutes once or twice a week.

Q. Can Superfeet insoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?

A. Yes. Trim the insoles to the shoe which is shortest in length. Also, be sure to take the insoles with you when you buy new shoes so you don’t buy a shoe that is the wrong size and volume. Remember to remove any factory sock liners, if needed.

Q. When I first wear them, what will I expect to feel?

A. You may feel like the arch is too far back. This is O.K. As your body adjusts to the new support you may experience some discomfort in the muscles of your lower extremity. If it really hurts remove the insoles and gradually increase the duration you wear them until your body adjusts to the support.

Q. What should I do if the insole makes a squeaking sound?

A. If the insoles are new give them two weeks to mold to your feet and the sound should dissipate. If the squeak is still there then apply some baby powder inside the shoes under the insoles.

Q. What if I trimmed the insole too short?

A. You have two choices. Purchase a new pair of insoles, or sand down (taper or thin out) the front edge of the insole so your toes do not feel the end.

Q. What if the insole is too long or is wide at the ball of the foot for the shoe?

A. It will jam in the shoe and possibly feel like the arch is too high. The toes may feel crowded because the end and sides of the insole is curling up against the shoe. Remove the insole and trim enough foam off to allow the end and sides of the insoles to lay flat. There should be between 1mm and 2mm of room between the shoe and insole.

Q. Which model of Superfeet is best for use in shoes with a high heel?

A. Women’s High Heel product.

Q. How do I choose the correct size insole?

A. Start out by matching the insole size to your shoe size. Stand on the product and make sure your toes do not go over the end of the insole. Your heel should feel like your heel is cupped and not like you are standing on the edges of the heel cup. If you feel like your standing on the edges, try the next size up. Compare the two sizes and choose the one that feels the best to your foot.

Q. How do I know which insole to purchase?

A. Your choice is based on SHOE STYLE

Shoes with full-length "removable" factory sock liners will accept insoles that take up more volume (room) inside the shoes. The following is footwear that will accept thicker insoles. These are generally loser-fitting shoes.

SKI & SNOWBOARD BOOTS will accept our Custom Kork, Kork Vac, Superfit Winter, Synergizer Green, Synergizer Blue and Wintergreen insoles.

HIKING BOOTS will accept our Superfit Everyday, Custom Green, Custom Black (do not use in a Gortex Boot), Synergizer Green, Synergizer Blue (do not use in a Gortex Boot) and Wintergreen insoles.

ATHLETIC SHOES will accept our Custom Green, Custom Black, Superfit Everyday, Synergizer Green, Synergizer Blue and Synergizer Black insoles.

Shoes that do not have a full-length factory sock liner to remove, will accept insoles that take up less volume (room) inside the shoes. The following is footwear that will except thinner insoles. These are generally tighter fitting shoes.

CASUAL SHOES will accept our Custom Black, Synergizer Blue, Synergizer Black, Synergizer Grey (with a low heel) and our men's or women’s dress fit models.

DRESS SHOES will accept our Custom Black, Synergizer Blue, Synergizer Black, Synergizer Grey (with a low heel) and our Men's or women’s dress fit models.

SOCCER & CLEATED SHOES will accept our Synergizer Blue and Synergizer Black insoles.

CYCLE SHOES & SKATES will accept our Synergizer Grey and Synergizer Black insoles.

Q. How do I know I need a new pair of Superfeet Insoles?

A. If the top cover has worn through or the foam in the forefoot area has packed out or become paper thin. The product will still provide you some support so we recommend to use the old pair in shoes being worn while doing yard work or washing the car.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles stop pronation?

No! The foot must pronate! The insole will help to slow down the rate of pronation within the foot. Example: In stabilizing the pronation, hypothetically you may bring it from 7° of pronation to 5° of pronation. The Superfeet insoles help control the pronation, and slow it down, so it does not happen so quickly. Less chance of injury and fatigue.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help to reduce foot elongation; the foot lengthens when weighted.

A. Yes the product can help to reduce the foot elongation up to 80% on the average and up to 90% in some feet.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles stop supination?

A. No! The foot must supinate. The insole will help to support the supination within the foot. Example: In stabilizing the supination, the Superfeet insoles will fill voids under the foot to offer improved balance and weight distribution through-out the bottom of the foot.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help heel spurs?

A. Yes, in most cases but not all cases. The insole will help stabilize and reposition the heel bone. At the same time, it will accompany the heels fat pad with a deep heel cup to hold more of the fat pad under the heel bone for improved cushion and comfort.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, in most cases but not all cases. The insoles will help hold the rearfoot into a neutral position. The neutral position will allow for better bone and muscle alignment. This will help reduce some of the stress on the plantar fascia ligament.

Q. Can Superfeet insoles be posted in the heel area?

Yes, only accompanied by a doctor's prescription and done by a trained medical specialist. (DPM, MD, C.Ped. C.O., C.P., C.P.O., A.T.C. and O.S.T.)

Q. Can the Superfeet insoles be used with heel lifts or full-length lifts.

Yes. First make sure there will be enough room in the shoe to accept both the heel lift and the insole. Just tape or glue the heel lift to the bottom of the insole.

Q. How can Superfeet insoles accommodate a forefoot varus or forefoot valgus?

Superfeet insoles are designed to accommodate the rearfoot. If the forefoot needs to be addressed you need to consult a doctor. Approximately 5% of the population have true forefoot varus, 80% valgus and 15% neutral forefoot. The 5% of the population with a true forefoot varus should be referred to a podiatrist or other professional specialist.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles support dropped metatarsals?

Yes, to a small degree. In all of the Superfeet insoles there is a metatarsal pad built into the 3⁄4 plastic cradle, just behind, the metatarsal heads. This will help take some of the weight off of the dropped metatarsal bones.

Q. Will Superfeet insoles help nerve neuromas?

Yes, in some cases. The built-in metatarsal pad helps take the weight off of the metatarsal heads, and at the same time helps to separate the metatarsal bones. By stabilizing rearfoot and forefoot function the foot may actually become narrower therefore reducing the contact on the sides of the shoe at the forefoot. However, this may not help everyone.

Q. What can Superfeet insoles do for Hammer Toes?

All the Superfeet insoles have the capabilities to heat mold the forefoot to help support the metatarsal heads and mold a good toe crest in the sulcas area to help stabilize the toes. The shoe must have room for a full-length insole.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help Hallux bunions?

Yes, in some cases. If you stabilize the rearfoot, the forefoot will follow. In doing this, you can cut down on the range of excess motion at the first metatarsal joint. (ball of the foot)

Q. Can this type of insole help a diabetic?

Yes, always check with your doctor first before using the Superfeet product. The Superfeet may not help a severe diabetic (Type 3) with ulcers on the plantar surface of the foot. The patient should then see a medical specialist.

Q. Can you use a metatarsal pads with Superfeet insoles?

Yes. In 75% of the consumers that need a metatarsal pad, the built-in metatarsal pad in the Superfeet plastic cradle works very well. With a doctors recommendation if an extra pad is needed it can be positioned and glued on top of the superfeet.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help Metatarsalgia?

Yes. The insoles can help stabilize the forefoot and help reduce the Metatarsalgia pain.

Q. What about Ilio Tibial Band Syndrome?

The insoles will help reduce the over-use of the leg and foot muscles, as well as cut down on the tibal torsion within the range of motion at the hip and leg.

Q. Do Superfeet insoles help chronic low- back pain?

Yes. Improper foot alignment can make your back hurt. If the foot is stable the knees, hips and lower back will follow.

Q. Can the Superfeet Custom insoles be re-molded?

Yes & No. Yes in the forefoot area and No in the rear foot area. If you need to re-mold the insoles, it is much better to make a new pair.

Q. Can Superfeet Trim to Fit insoles be modified?

A. Yes, by a trained foot & boot fit specialist.



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